Things Used In Rainy Season

The rainy season is quite a tricky one: on one hand, you’ve got humidity, constant heavy rains, occasional flooding and closed attractions. On the other one, the rates on booking/flying are lower, the service is better and the tourist spots aren’t crowded. Today we’ll discuss the things used in rainy season and pack the essentials for our trips.

Obviously, you’ll need a raincoat, a nice pair of boots, and an umbrella to survive during the wet season, but only if it’s pouring 24/7. In most countries and regions, it usually rains early in the afternoon and late in the evening, which gives you more than enough time for sightseeing without all that “gear”.

Staying In Your Room Vs. Admiring The View

But, if you’re a romantic and love the super-fresh air, the empty streets and the beauty of the raindrops hitting the ground, you’ll definitely need all that. In Japan, the 5 things used in a rainy season (it usually lasts for 40-45 days) include the aforementioned umbrella, coat, and boots, plus sweat towels and special make-up that’s heat-proof.

In Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries, people don’t really mind the rainy weather and drive around in their bikes looking like big-time pros. With the streets so narrow and the traffic jammed up, bicycles and motorbikes are the obvious choices. In all fairness, it would be best to stay in your room and sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee or tea in your hand, but, if you still want to go out, let’s talk about the rainy season clothes.

The Essential Things Used In Rainy Season

As far as boots go, a nice pair of rubber ones would suffice. If you want, you can spend a little bit more than 10-15 dollars (that’s how much they usually cost) and buy something fancy. The Asian countries, especially Japan, will surprise you with the enormous amount of colors, shapes, and sizes.
Things Used In Rainy Season
As for the rain jacket/raincoat, it’s a matter of choice. Either you pick an umbrella, or leave it home and put your jacket/coat on. Colors, patterns, different styles – that’s all available, both for the young, hip kiddos and the more mature folks.

And remember: always pick clothes with dark colors. Because you can’t avoid the muddy water (it will only take a couple of drops to ruin your beautiful white pants). It’s all about hiding those nasty spots and stains.

One more thing about the pants. Long pairs tend to collect a lot more mud/dirty weather. So, leave those flowy jeans/pants behind and wear something short/cropped. Besides, dark colors are less transparent (girls, keep that in mind). Cotton, silk, and wool aren’t really suited for the rainy season, so, go with something synthetic.

Summing Up

Want to wear a rainy season dress? The best time for that would be spring, and it would still be wise to go with darker tones and synthetic fabrics. Leave cotton for those hot and sunny days. Dresses will look awesome with boots.

Oh, and one last thing. Regardless of where you go, if it’s the rainy season, make sure to buy a poncho at the local store. It will only cost you +/- one dollar. And it can be a live-saver if you find yourself in the middle of the street when it starts to rain. A plastic poncho is one of the must have things used in rainy season. It fits in your pocket; so, don’t even worry about it taking up much space.

Ok, that it for today! Always pack your bag with the essentials and don’t forget to look fancy when you’re rocking those rainy clothes!

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