The Advantages Of Rainy Season

As a general rule, people tend to get scared and run away when they hear of the rainy season in a certain country they wanna visit. And that’s understandable because nobody wants to experience heavy downpours, flooding, high humidity levels and low temperatures on their vacation, right? Yes, that’s true, but only partially. And today we’ll talk about advantages of rainy season.

For example, if you pick rainiest months in Asian or Central/South American country you can save your money. You’ll most definitely get to enjoy the cheapest tickets, the most affordable hotel rooms, food, and the best service possible.

Affordable Prices + Better Service = Fun in Rainy Season

The thing is – during the monsoon season, these tourist-oriented regions experience a shortage of visitors. That is why they’ll do everything in their power to please you and make sure you’ll come back for more. And that’s one of the greatest advantages of rainy season.
The advantages of rainy seasonNow, if you carefully plan a trip before booking rooms and purchasing tickets, you’ll see have much you can save. There are certain months in certain countries/regions that offer the golden middle. It is meaning that the prices will still be low but you’ll enjoy low rainfall and humidity levels. Check out our articles on specific places to find the best time to take a trip and to save some hard-earned bucks.

Still Enough To Do During The Rainy Season

Furthermore, generally, if you want the full, or, rather, the true experience of a tropical country, it’s best to visit it during the monsoon, because that’s when you’ll get to really understand the culture, the people, and the way they adjust themselves to nature’s cataclysms. It is one of the main advantages of rainy season.

Take a trip on a boat in the famous Cambodian jungles, let the gorgeous mountains in Japan take your breath away or watch the kids play when the first rain drops come down from the sky in India. The majority of average tourists don’t really know what to do during the rainy season and think that they’ll be stuck in their hotel rooms, bored out of their minds.

Well, not quite: it won’t rain 24/7 on an average day, and you’ll get plenty of sunshine to walk around and admire the landmarks, visit the tourist spots and the numerous festivals, attractions, and holiday events (that is if you don’t travel during the wettest months).

Summing Up Advantages of Rainy Season

And let’s not forget about the importance of rainy season in terms of the mighty decline in tourist numbers. Unless you’re a big people person, you’ll most certainly appreciate the room and space you’ll get when the low season kicks in.

Ok, that’s pretty much it for the advantages of rainy season, dear readers. They include a significant drop in pricing (sometimes up to 50% and more; 20% is the norm you can count on), that “royal treatment”, a chance to learn more about a certain country than you ever could, and fewer visitors.

The disadvantages include the increased humidity levels, a lower temperature (but that can be a good thing in the hottest places on planet Earth), flooding, bad (muddy) roads and occasional power cuts. But, again, if you follow our tips and tricks, you’ll get the most out of the rainy season no matter where you go!

If you want to know, how to prepare yourself to the monsoon, please read the article about Things Used In Rainy Season.

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