Rainy Season In Zanzibar: Monsoon Months

Also known as Zanzibar City, this is one of the finest resort towns near Africa continent. It’s got a population of 130K and was founded by slave masters back in the 16th century. Yes, the city has a rich historical background and numerous architectural and cultural landmarks. The rainy season in Zanzibar starts in March and lasts all the way up to May.

The Nov-Dec period is also quite rainy, but not nearly as much. Wait – are there two monsoon seasons over there? Aha, that’s right. Now, April is the wettest month of the year, and it’s also the most humid one.

When It Rains, It Pours

The majority of folks like to avoid this kind of weather and stick with the driest and hotter ones. You can do the same and visit during the high season. Or, you can wake your inner adventurer up and try to enjoy what the city has to offer when it pours almost every single day.
Rainy Season In Zanzibar Monsoon Months
Don’t forget that you’ll get to save a lot of money on discounts if you travel during the rainy season in Zanzibar. August, on the other hand, is the driest month, perfect for sightseeing and long walks in the evening.

Learning To Love The Rainy Season In Zanzibar

It’s also the coldest one. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pack your warm clothes, though. Zanzibar is a VERY hot city and the average temperature rarely drops below the 30 degrees Celsius mark. February, in turn, is the warmest time of the year.

So, summing up, we gotta say that the June-September period is the finest one for this place. You’ll experience almost no rainfall at all. Yet, the prices will be higher. The rainy season in Zanzibar is hot and humid, but it’s also affordable and more peaceful.

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