Rainy Season In Zambia: Monsoon Months

The wet season arrives in this magnificent country in December and lasts all the way up to March. But, if you travel up north, the rainy season in Zambia will start earlier for you (in November, most likely). As a general rule, lowland areas in the west receive less rain than, say, the higher areas in the east.

The biggest downside to the monsoon months is that most festivals, attractions, and camps won’t be available to you. Furthermore, the majority of the roads will turn into a mess, making it difficult or simply impossible for you to drive around and enjoy the otherwise beautiful and peaceful nature.

If you decide to travel to Zambia in April, keep in mind that the rain will still linger on, but the monsoon will not be nearly as strong and persistent as in the previous months.

The Pros And Cons Of Visiting During The Dry Months

The landscapes will still be green and look awesome, but you’ll get to enjoy the dry atmosphere and the cooler temperatures (especially during the night). If humidity is a big problem for you, try to avoid the rainy season in Zambia, because it gets pretty wet over there.
Rainy Season In Zambia Monsoon By Months
One more thing to remember when planning a trip: during the summer months, the days are dry, clean, warm, and quite enjoyable. However, the nights can get pretty cold, so, make sure to pack some warm clothes with you.

This is the high season in Zambia, and the prices on everything will start to rise exponentially. If you’re not ready to pay a top dollar for the camps, the improved weather and the chance to go deeper into the jungles on foot, just know that you won’t miss much :).

The Rainy Season In Zambia Is Not That Rainy After All

For some people, Africa is not really Africa unless you get to burn yourself out under the sun. For others, it’s a versatile continent that can surprise, impress and touch even when it’s raining all day long.

Speaking of the rainy season in Zambia, it’s worth mentioning that when the monsoon officially takes over, the rains don’t usually last for more than a couple of hours, which gives you an awesome opportunity to go out there and see what the real Zambia is all about. November is a bit tricky: sometimes, it’s just as hot and dry as October.

Other times, this month can start the wet season and ruin all your wonderful plans. So, unless you’re a spontaneous person and love unpredictable weather patterns (we highly doubt that), try to avoid visiting the country during November.

Memorable Journeys Into The Jungle

We gotta also mention that the rainy season in Zambia is perfect for the fans of awesome photographs. The rain is capable of “painting” fascinating sunsets for you to enjoy with your boy-/girl-friend.

Besides, these four-five months give you an amazing opportunity to check out the migrant birds and the glorious lions, tigers, and other cats. Yes, they really love the wet season and enjoy the lush jungles and the clean air.

And finally, when the river levels rise, you simply have to rent a boat and take a trip down the Luangwa River. Gather you best friends/loved ones, get aboard a boat and roll down the river while exploring the wildlife that loves to “hang out” on the shores. The experience will be quite exciting and memorable!

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