Rainy Season In USA: Monsoon Months

The US is one of the biggest, most influential, diverse, and beautiful countries on planet Earth. Rocky mountains, shiny beaches, tropical trees, harsh and cold suburbs – you’ll find it all in America, and that’s one of the reasons why this country is so versatile and diverse. Rainy season in USA can be really strong in several regions.

Yes, we all know that Miami and Los-Angeles are great during the dry season, but today we’ll talk about the rainy season in USA, the pros and the cons. Now, a lot of folks these days think that there isn’t such a thing as a wet season in the United States; you might think the same, but, in reality, there is monsoon in some regions, and today you’ll learn all about that!

Beware Of The Scary Thunderstorms in the USA

For example, the southern part of California and the whole American Southwest are famous for the short yet impressive rainy season during winter and/or spring. In Arizona, the locals call it the “vital monsoon”, but the plants/bushes/greenery burn up in summer and even spring.
The Rainy Season In USA Monsoon By MonthsKeep in mind that the afternoon thunderstorms can ruin the joy of visiting, not to mention the constant lightning strikes. Now, it’s safe to say that these storms are the most predictable thing when it comes to the American weather, as they are caused by a drastic shift in wind patterns, which results into more moisture “flowing” into this part of the country.

The rainy season generally begins in July and lasts all the way up to August, sometimes even mid-October. Again, don’t underestimate the storm, as it can be quite dangerous and life-threatening at times.

In the east, the weather varies significantly and you can’t really predict it. Sometimes, during the summer, you’ll experience long (lasting 1 or 2 months) droughts. At the same time, some years it rains pretty extensively in June-July-August. Oh, and let’s not forget about the scary thunderstorms that happen practically every day.

Will It Rain Today? Maybe Yes, Maybe Not

Have you ever heard the expression “America is a country of variables”? Well, the weather is certainly a varying thing in the States, and you can never guess when the rainy season in the USA will start.

One thing is certain, though: in spring, there’s plenty of rain and tornadoes to scare even the rough-tough Yanks. Autumn is also famous for being quite rainy, but, again, can be dry sometimes.

As for the Northwest, it’s probably the most unstable region in terms of weather; usually, it’s also the driest one. The Pacific Northwest, in turn, is known for its rainforests, as well as coastal wet areas, and the overall humidity levels are pretty high. That means if you don’t really like that kind of a climate, don’t even plan a trip there.

Rainy Season In USA By States, Monsoon Patterns

As far as the rainiest parts of the country go, the Sierra Nevada range, the Pacific Northwest and Oregon (the state) are the champions (with average rainfall reaching 30 inches a year). Hawaii boasts low humidity all-year-long. Alaska, on the other hand, is a pretty big state, and there are different climates everywhere.

The southern coast, for instance, has heavy rains 6 to 7 months a year and the humidity levels are sky-high. Up north, rains during summer are not a rare thing. In Michigan, the “bad” season lasts only for 2-3 weeks in November, with some occasional rainy days in April and May.

In SC (South Carolina), September and November are the “rainiest” months of the year. Florida, by the way, is probably the most humid state and some weeks, it never stops to pour. In September, however, the hurricanes come. Do you still think that it’s a “warm and welcoming” state?

So, as you can see, a rainy Season in USA is not that rare of thing per say. It does rain every season, but the patterns are not that distinctive and you’ll never know whether it’ll rain this month of not.

What Does It All Mean For The Tourists?

The Asian and Central/South American countries are a lot more predictable and straightforward, with an obvious difference between the so-called high and low seasons. That leaves us, the tourists, with a choice to make: either visit a certain country when it’s dry, shiny and expensive or wait for the rainy season in USA to kick in and have fun with the still awesome weather, cheaper prices, better attitudes and less crowded streets. But when it comes to North America, you won’t be able to save 40-50% on the tickets and hotels.

Yep, that’s kinda sad for the fans of discounts and “special treatment”, but, on the other hand, you won’t have to spend days on finding just the perfect time to travel to save some hard-earned bucks. Just pick a destination in the US and try to enjoy your stay.

The thing is – America is heavily influenced by the Western (European, that is) culture, and for the rich folks that usually have the means to travel around the world, there’s not much to see there in terms of ancient architecture, exotic people, strange customs, traditions, and things like that. That doesn’t mean that tourists don’t love the numerous landmarks, but you get the idea, right? Hope, you know about the rainy season in USA enough to plan your next journey.

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