Rainy Season In UK: Monsoon Months

We know the United Kingdom as one of the rainiest countries in the world. The locals are always complaining about the chilly, humid and wet weather. The tourists, in turn, think that heavy downpours, flooding, and 24/7 rainfall are regular things over there. Well, that’s pretty far from the truth. Now, generally speaking, the rainy season in UK starts in September and lasts all the way up to December (sometimes January).

Again, this is a huge country, and the weather is different depending on the region. It may be rainy in Scotland for example, but you can have a very nice sunny day in Wells at the same day. The weather is very unpredictable in the UK. You can compare it with other territories of the world.

It Rains Almost Every Single Day

At the same time, the differences aren’t that dramatic and the average amount of rainfall is 1000-12000 mm. January is generally the coldest months of the year, while July and August are the warmest ones. Sept-Oct is the wettest period. And finally, April is the driest one.
Rainy Season In UK Monsoon Months
So, as you can see, this country is “manageable” 365 days a year. Now, the biggest downside to the rainy season in UK is, of course, the fact that it rains more often than it doesn’t.

Befriending The Rainy Season In UK

Yes, the aforementioned heavy downpours and scary thunderstorms are a myth. Still, for some folks, this type of weather is a huge turn-off. In the tropical countries, when it rains, it pours, but you get 5-8 hours of sunny time. That’s not really the case with the UK.

On the bright side, the climate is not its biggest “magnet” for the visitors. People go to this country to learn more about the culture, the art, the architecture, and everything else in between. From that point of view, the rainy season in UK is actually quite alright.

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