Rainy Season In Turkey: Monsoon Months

Turkey is, without a doubt, a magnificent country, with marvelous hotels, a great service, and a lot of fun activities. It’s surrounded by not one, but three seas, which means it’s got more beaches than you can ever handle. The rainy season in Turkey starts in November and lasts all the way up to March.

During the winter months, the temperatures drop significantly, making it almost impossible for the tourists to enjoy the water. That’s because it gets too cold for comfort.

Feeling The Might Of The Big City

Furthermore, the majority of bars, restaurants and fancy shops will be closed during the monsoon season, as will the beaches. This is the low season in Turkey. However, in April, it all goes back to normal and the country turns into the center of fun experiences once again.
Rainy Season In Turkey Monsoon Months
That’s when the tourist flow increases and the rates go up. The April-September period is a God-sent in this country. But, in all fairness, the rainy season in Turkey also has its advantages. And you’ll always be able to check out all the landmarks, tourist spots, and other activities during the wet months.

The Rainy Season In Turkey – A Great Time For The Loners

Yes, Turkey won’t be as welcoming and beautiful as it would in the dry season. Yet, some people actually love the cooler temperatures, the rainy weather, and the half-empty streets. If you’re a lonely romantic on a budget, the rainy season in Turkey would be a great time to visit and relax.

Keep in mind, though, that the amounts of rainfall are quite impressive and you might be stuck in your hotel room for a couple of days before you get a chance to go out there and do some sightseeing.

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