Rainy Season In Tunisia: Monsoon Months

Ever been to Tunisia? It’s an insanely gorgeous country with stunning landscapes and an exotic climate. Some parts of Tunisia face the Mediterranean Sea, while others are neighbors with Sahara, the desert. The rainy season in Tunisia starts in October/November and lasts all the way up to March.

Winter is actually the best time to visit for the fans of surfing and swimming. The sea temperatures will be more than comfortable for surfing (but not for swimming), while the decreased number of tourists will give you space to move around.

The Rainy Season In Tunisia Is A God-Sent

And, during the wet season, you’ll be surprised by the generous discounts and the better-than-good service. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a beautiful country and save some bucks for the next visit, huh?
Rainy Season In Tunisia Monsoon Months
As far as the rainy season in Tunisia goes, it’s probably one of the finest ones on planet Earth. You won’t get more than 80 mm of precipitation even on the wettest month. The north of the country boasts a subtropical climate, while closer to the desert the climate is more of a tropical one.

It Rains Every Day For Short Periods

As a result, the winter in Tunisia is generally cooler (in terms of the temperature) and much more humid. The summer is, in turn, pretty hot and dry. Is that a good thing? Only you can answer that question.

The Sep-Oct is the best period for visiting with your kiddos. The cooler temperatures and the still warm sea are the biggest benefits of these months. Beware of the occasional rains, though. In winter, it rains almost every day, and the winds are nasty.

Don’t care about that? Then book a room during the rainy season in Tunisia and dive into a breath-taking world full of surprises! Also, you can choose other countries with a memorable monsoon.

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