Rainy Season In Trinidad And Tobago: Monsoon Months

This is a beautiful island country located right next to South America up north and 11K kilometers away from the neighboring Venezuela. As for the rainy season in Trinidad And Tobago, it starts in mid-May and lasts all the way up to early December.

Fun fact: Tobago, the island, has played a vital role in the history of colonization and was ruled by the British, the Spanish, the French, and a bunch of other nations. The island is rich with natural resources and is the 3rd-wealthiest country on the American continent.

The Coldest And The Hottest Months

The rest of the year is relatively dry and more enjoyable for the regular tourists. The Jan-Feb and the June-July periods come with comfortable temperatures and an overall nicer climate. Keep in mind, though, that July is both the wettest and the coldest month.
Rainy Season In Trinidad And Tobago Monsoon Months
March, in turn, is the driest one, while November is the warmest. Speaking of cool and hot months, we want to talk about the average temperatures. The peaks reach 30-32 degrees Celsius, while the lows never drop below 20 degrees.

The Pros And Cons Of The Rainy Season In Trinidad And Tobago

Yes, this is one of the hottest places on the planet. And what about the sun? You’ll get about 200 hours of sunshine during the rainy season in Trinidad And Tobago. The dry period is good for 250 hours.

The biggest downside to the otherwise perfect weather is that on average, you’ll get approximately 20 days of rain throughout the year. Another huge turn-off is the high humidity levels – they reach 85%. Other than that, Trinidad And Tobago is one of the greatest places for an unforgettable trip. Get your priorities straight, pick a date you like and get going!

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