Rainy Season In Thailand: Monsoon Months

The first thing y’all need to remember about the rainy season in Thailand is that monsoon varies greatly, depending on the region. But the wet season is dominant in this country. This isn’t a scientifically-approved fact, but usually, the Thailand monsoon season starts in June (or even May) and stops in mid-autumn. August and September (and usually October) are being the most rain-happy months of the year.

However, the so-called Gulf Coast (including the world-famous Ko Samui) is usually monsoon-heavy in November-mid December. Now, many folks are afraid to go to this fascinating country during the rainy months, but you gotta be not. The weather is still quite warm, and second, there is a certain charm in the monsoon, don’t you think?

Besides, you can get a lot of discounts when it comes to renting. Also, the famed tourist areas won’t be as crowded as during the rain-free season. So, as you can see, the Thailand rainy season is not really that bad and has a lot of advantages for the regular tourists.

How To Handle The Ups And Downs Of Rain

Let’s talk about one of the most important things that you have to know if you want to this country. During the rainy season in Thailand, you’ll have to put up with it almost every single day. It is main rule especially in Bangkok and partially in Phuket (the most popular places to visit, by the way).
The Rainy Season In Thailand Monsoon By MonthsAt the same time, it rarely rains all day long, which means you’ll still have enough time for sightseeing. Storms are a big part of the charm. They are accompanied by lightning (lots of it), noisy thunder and – naturally – quite heavy downpours. Generally, mighty heavy rains occur early in the evening/late in the afternoon. The biggest downside it that even when there’s no rain, the sky is still dark and gray. Moreover, the air is extremely humid (that can be a problem for folks with certain conditions).

As far as flooding goes, it’s a common thing in this country. But it doesn’t happen every year in the tourist-favored places. Yet, some areas in Bangkok always have at least mild flooding when the rainy season kicks in. Furthermore, the southern part of the country is used to cataclysmic flooding that forces the citizens to leave their homes behind. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, during the monsoon season Thailand is extremely affordable. If you’re not afraid of the rain and occasional lightning strikes, you’ll be able to save up to 50% on hotels. And all that you can enjoy during the “uninhabitable” season only. So, make sure to think it all over before you say “No” to this wet trip. It’s a common practice for tourists to visit exotic countries during the “unfriendly” seasons.

Saving Money Vs. Enjoying Your Stay during the Wet Season

Hands down, the biggest question is – will the extremely wet season interfere with your grandiose plans? It most definitely can. For example, back in 2011, two islands were evacuated by the authorities because of heavy rains (and the bad season didn’t even start yet).

True, flying around in a plane and being rescued by trained folks is definitely fun. But being stuck on an island with a real danger to your life is not that awesome. It most certainly is a risk to visit Thailand during the wet season, and only you can decide whether it’s worth it or not.

The aforementioned heavenly islands that were evacuated a couple of years ago, along with Samui, are still the best places to visit during the humid season. Because they are the driest areas in the country. Pick a date between June and October and enjoy!

How Much Will Cost Your Journey In A Rainy Season In Thailand?

If you’re an American/European citizen, you’ll be pleased with the local pricing. With just 20 bucks in your pocket, you’ll easily find hundreds of decent hotels to spend a night. Food is also quite affordable – you can get yourself stuffed with a dollar or two. And it’s quite delicious! We have Thai food near the home, but in Thailand, it will taste better and cost less.

Salads, snacks, “serious” meals – you’ll find a lot of tasty foods in this country, including one of the best fried chicken on planet Earth. If you’re visiting with your family, it will be best to go out for long walks. The marvelous South-Asian flavor will lift your spirit and give you an opportunity to make the best memories with your spouse and children.

As you can see, the rainy season in Thailand is not that bad and you’ll be able to spend a week or two there while still keeping your wallet thick and heavy. Oh, and one more thing: if you find yourself in Thailand, make sure to visit at least one Buddhist temple. this experience will be simply indescribable.

Buddhism is a way of living for these people, and the tourists have so much to learn from it. The cheap hotels, the breath-taking architecture, the delicious food and the peculiar gifts for your loved ones back at home are available during the rainy months in Thailand, with the exception of a couple of non-vital landmarks. So, are you ready to leave your boring office behind and enjoy Thailand? It’s now or never!

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