Rainy Season In Tanzania: Monsoon Months

Ever been to Eastern Africa? No? Well, how about visiting Tanzania, one of the finest countries on the continent? With a total population of over 51 million people, this is a diverse, multi-cultural place, perfect for traveling. The rainy season in Tanzania starts in March and lasts all the way up to late May.

Wait – there are two monsoon periods over there. The second one is the Nov-Dec period. This time around, the country receives a lot less rainfall, but still enough to make the locals happy. The dry season, in turn, begins in June and sticks around until October.

Different Regions, Different Climates

Now, Tanzania is a pretty big country, and it comes with a varying climate that you gotta always watch out for. On the coast, the average temperature during the June-October period is +/- 23 degrees Celsius, while the highlands up north don’t usually go beyond 10 degrees.
Rainy Season In Tanzania Monsoon Months
February is the warmest month of the year, while August is the coldest one. It’s also the driest one. So, if you and/or your family members love this kind of weather, keep that in mind. April falls right in the middle of the rainy season in Tanzania and is the wettest month.

The Rainy Season In Tanzania – Facts

The country receives around 300 mm of precipitation in April every year! The average humidity levels are always high and hang around the 70-80% mark. However, you’ll never feel like you’re not getting enough sunshine. Tanzania is a bright, beautiful and sunny country – in any season.


As a reminder: the monsoon months are still pretty great and will have two huge benefits. First of all, the rates will be record-low. Second, there will be fewer folks on the streets and at the landmarks. Yep, the rainy season in Tanzania does have its perks. It’s not perfect, but nothing is in this world, right?

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