Rainy Season In Tampa: Monsoon Months

This is the third biggest city in Florida (the 54th biggest in America). With a total population of over 340K and quite a strong infrastructure, it’s one hell of a place to be. And, it’s a huge tourist magnet, thanks to its awesome climate. The rainy season in Tampa starts in June and lasts all the way up to early September.

Yes, summers aren’t that exciting in this city. They are humid and hot (+/- 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 70 at night). Plus, you’ll experience regular thunderstorms in the afternoons.

It’s Hot And Humid During The Rainy Season In Tampa

On the other hand, these three months still provide over eight hours of sunshine during the day. And that’s more than enough for getting a tan, walking around and sightseeing. Furthermore, the average sea temperature during the rainy season in Tampa is 80 degrees.
Rainy Season In London Monsoon Months
Keep in mind, though, that August is the wettest month of the year. It’s also the hottest one, along with July. So, if the sweaty and humid climate is not what’s attractive for you in this beautiful city, just skip this season.

Picking The Best Time For A Visit

In autumn, for example, the average temperatures drop significantly. The overall amount of rainfall also decreases. At the same time, the storms will get meaner and the hurricanes will come around. Nothing to be scared of, but just beware of the fact.

Winter is the driest season and comes with quite an enjoyable weather. At the end of the day, this is one of the finest resort towns in the United States for the tourist.  The rainy season in Tampa won’t be much of a problem for you if you actually love when occasionally it pours from the sky. Again, it won’t create any big problems for you during the trip.

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