Rainy Season In Tamarindo: Monsoon Months

Did you know that this is the most popular city in Costa Rica? That’s true, and the rainy season in Tamarindo starts in May and end in late October. It’s a bit cooler than the dry season and, obviously, a lot wetter.

Expect heavy (and quite scary) storms in May that can result in flooding. But, they’re usually not that aggressive. As for the rainfall peaks, June, September, and October are the obvious champs (August is the close second). The rainy season in Tamarindo has two significant advantages over the dry one.

Cooler Temperatures And Nasty Storms

First of all, when the landscapes bloom and turn into green, you won’t be able to catch your breath. Second, the much cooler average temperatures are pretty awesome, especially after you experience the hotness of the dry months.
Rainy Season In Tamarindo Monsoon By Months
If you’re a fan of surfing, swimming, and diving, please, try to visit this beautiful city during the wet months. But make sure to watch out for the storms – you don’t want to be in the middle of the ocean when they appear on the horizon. Other than that, the water will feel amazing.

Lots Of Sunshine During The Rainy Season In Tamarindo

Overall, Tamarindo is one of the driest resorts in Costa Rica (because of its location on the northwest) And, during the rainy season in Tamarindo, you’ll get 4 to 5 hours of sunshine, which is more than enough for family walks in the parks.

Or you could just read your favorite book on one of the gorgeous beaches. The sea temperature never goes below 27-28 degrees Celsius, and there are usually fewer folks around than during the high season. Summing up, it’s safe to say that the wet season in this heart-warming city is one of the most comfortable ones out there.

And there is some information about weather in Costa Rica in general.

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