Rainy Season In Suriname: Monsoon Months

Some people like to spell it without the “e” at the end, but that doesn’t change the fact that this North-American country is a beauty. As for the rainy season in Suriname, it comes in two waves. The first one kicks in December and ends in January. The second one is a bit longer: it starts in April and lasts all the way up to July.

The country is blessed with a tropical climate and average daily temperatures in the 21-32 degrees Celsius range. It’s got a tiny population of only 560K people; still, the tourists really love its gorgeous nature and serene, tranquil sceneries.

Humidity Levels During The Rainy Season In Suriname

Now, even though heavy downpours are a regular thing around there, Suriname doesn’t fall into the hurricane zone. That means you won’t experience any extreme thunderstorms and/or flooding. May and June are the wettest months, while September and October are the driest ones.
Rainy Season In Suriname Monsoon Months
January is the coldest time of the year; the Sept-Oct period is nice and warm. The rainy season in Suriname (especially the first wave) is pretty humid (up to 80%). Yet, the rest of the year is more than manageable (65%).

The Pros And Cons Of The Monsoon Months

You’ll get more than enough sunshine during the July-October period, with the sun shining almost every single day. As mentioned in the beginning, the country comes with heavy downpours, so, pack your favorite umbrella for the trip. Or, you can just buy a nice rain jacket upon arrival.

The prices will be low in the monsoon months (that includes the hotel rooms and the tickets). The big question is – will you be able to enjoy your stay during the rainy season in Suriname? Yes, you will. Be prepared for the quirky weather, though.

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