Rainy Season In Sri Lanka: Monsoon Months

This is a sovereign country located in South Asia. Until recently, Sri Lanka was under Portuguese rule and used to be their beloved resort. The rainy season in Sri Lanka starts in different months for the western and the eastern territories of the country. We will talk about monsoon in details.

About 95 percent of the yearly precipitation falls during these months. So, does that mean that we, the tourists, should try to avoid the monsoon season and save our trip for the dry months?

Adjusting Yourself To The Climate

Not really. It does present certain inconveniences and might require some getting used to, that’s true. But the hot climate is actually pretty enjoyable, especially if you don’t mind the high humidity levels.
Rainy Season In Sri Lanka (North East) Monsoon Months
The rainy season in Sri Lanka starts in May and ends in October – that’s in the southwest (as you can see above). In the northeast, it starts in October and lasts all the way up to January (look at the image below).
Rainy Season In Sri Lanka (South West) Monsoon Months
The average temperature hangs around the 30 degrees Celsius mark and doesn’t really change that much throughout the year. When it rains over there, it pours, but the downpours are usually quite short. Besides, it rains only during the night, which makes the rainy season in Sri Lanka quite alright for a visit.

The Benefits Of The Rainy Season In Sri Lanka

The unpredictable and dirty sea is, probably, the biggest downside. Still, that won’t stop you from going to the beaches, taking part in all kinds of awesome festivals and doing sightseeing. Finally, let’s not forget about the impressive discounts on the hotel rooms and tickets.

Sometimes, you’ll get to save as much as 40-50% on accommodations and the flight. In all fairness, the rainy season in Sri Lanka has a lot more pros than cons. Plan your trip wisely, learn about the downsides of the monsoon months and enjoy!

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