Rainy Season In Spain: Monsoon Months

Spain is one of the most…controversial countries when it comes to the monsoon. The sub-tropical climate is very “feisty” and you can never guess its mood. So, with that said, there isn’t an exact date when the rainy season in Spain starts. In most cases, it starts in autumn.

True, some attractions and tourists-only fun events are closed during this period. On the other hand, if you appreciate the solitude and hate when the “hordes” of visitors get in your way, you’ll love this season.

Gray Skies And Colder Nights During The Rainy Season In Spain

How about a nice romantic getaway or a trip to clear your mind and relax? In September, the weather becomes windy and it begins to rain. Yet, the temperatures in autumn and winter are still high.
Rainy Season In Spain Monsoon By Months
Occasionally, you’ll get wet snow in Dec-Feb, but not every year. Early spring is not a particularly great time to visit, as the sky is almost always gray and cloudy. The rainy season in Spain is still around, and downpours during the day are very much regular. They don’t last for 24 hours straight, though.

Finding The Perfect Balance Between Cheap And Comfy

The April-June and September-October periods are the finest ones in terms of the weather. And, you’ll get to learn more about the culture and check out more landmarks than during the wet season. The sunny days, the happy folks and the relatively affordable prices are also a big plus.

The late June-early September period is when the tourist flow increases. But, as you might’ve already guessed, the high season is also very expensive.

The bottom line is – the rainy season in Spain does have its challenges but there is still plenty of fun to have. If a little bit of rain and colder nights aren’t that scary for you, of course.

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