Rainy Season In Singapore: Monsoon Months

Did you know that Singapore is located not on one, or two, but on fifty (!) islands? Yes, that’s true, but it’s a pretty tiny country. Now, the rainy season in Singapore starts in late November and lasts all the way up to early January.

The heavy downpours usually kick in the afternoon, giving you enough time for sightseeing. And, it also rains in the evening. They can occur out of nowhere and go away just as swiftly. The tropical heavy rains don’t usually stick around for long.

It Rains Every Single Month

It’s worth mentioning that Singapore is one of those places that always receive lots of precipitation regardless of the season or the month. The country doesn’t have rainless periods, which is a big downside.
Rainy Season In Singapore Monsoon Months
At the same time, the locals have plenty of awesome attractions and fun activities to make you fall in love with the place. So, the biggest question is – when is the best time to travel to this country? Is the rainy season in Singapore worth it? Yes and no. It depends on what you’re expecting from your trip.

The Rainy Season In Singapore Is Warm, Cheap, And Spacious

The majority of tourists should stay away from the monsoon months to enjoy the sunny weather. But if the increased rain and humidity levels aren’t bothering you, do consider the wet season. You’ll get the whole country to yourself.

And, you’ll have a chance to check out the landmarks without having to wait in line. Besides, the “lower” the season, the cheaper the hotel rooms and the tickets. The average temperature over there is 25-27 degrees Celsius, even during the rainy season in Singapore. Don’t rush it: take some time to learn about all the pros, the cons, and pick just the right time for a visit. Or try to consider other destinations during the monsoon.

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