Rainy Season In Seattle: Monsoon Months

Let’s talk about Rainy Season In Seattle. This drop-dead gorgeous city has a bad reputation. People think that it’s the most rain-heavy place in the US, but that’s actually not really true. For example, San-Francisco gets more precipitation, and so do countless other cities in America.

If you’re a big fan of comfy, maritime temperatures, you’ll fall in love with Seattle. Summer is considered to be the best time of the year here. The average temperature is 20-21 degrees Celsius and the sun keeps shining almost 24/7. There’s little to no rain.

Say, in July, you’ll only experience 18mm of rain. This fact makes summer perfect for long walks, morning jogging and all kinds of other outdoor activities.

No Fun During The Rainy Season In Seattle

The rainy season in Seattle officially starts in November. And that’s when the temperature beings to drop significantly. Actually, this is the wettest month in the city, with 167mm of rain. December and January are the closest seconds. So, if you’re not a big fan of rain and humidity (and who is, right?), make sure to avoid these months.
The Rainy Season In Seattle Monsoon By MonthsNow, during the winter, you’ll still get to enjoy many indoor activities, and while that might be OK for the locals, it won’t cut it for the tourists who come here to receive the healing sunlight and admire the view.

The Grass Is Greener And The Sky Is Brighter In May

Spring is when the wet season starts to fade, and the dry period follows shortly afterward. March is pretty similar to February, but the noticeable rise in temperature is a big change, as is the more frequent sun.

April is when the city truly shines and the rainy season in Seattle weakens; May is a lovely month to visit, and June is when the wet season falls back.

To sum up, we can say with certainty that the Nov-Jan period is the worst in Seattle in terms of rainfall and humidity, while the Apr-Sept period is the best one.

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