Rainy Season In Samui: Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Samui usually starts in October and lasts all the way up to mid-December. But, sometimes, it kicks in earlier – in mid-Sept. January is also a wet month, but, after that, the so-called dry season begins.

In September, the weather is still sunny and hot and it is not typical for the weather in Thailand in general. On the other hand, the Oct-Nov period is the rainiest one. It is rich on constant rain showers and more wet days than ever.

Now, you gotta understand that monsoon season doesn’t mean that you’ll be forced to sit tight in your hotel room all day long for a month or two. A lot of people still think so when they hear about the wet season!

Long-Lasting Rains Vs. Cooler Temperatures

At the same time, heavy downpours and thundershowers are a regular thing during the rainy season in Samui. Sometimes it rains for 5 to 6 days straight – non-stop.
Rainy Season In Samui Monsoon By Months
The locals, however, really love these months, as the hot, dry and dusty weather is actually more challenging and frustrating. The cooler temperatures and the relatively normal humidity levels, along with the refreshing showers make the wet season a welcome guest on this island. If you spend at least a year there, you’ll totally get it.

The Rainy Season In Samui – Green, Lush, And Welcoming

Most of the time, though, the rain doesn’t last long and gives the sun some time to shine. Still, it’s worth mentioning that some attractions/fun events will be closed during the rainy season in Samui. The famous Marine Park will be close too.

On the other hand, the lush, breath-taking fauna-flora, the kind, smiling people, and the beauty of it all will keep you occupied for months. People like to call Samui Paradise on Earth for reason. It’s been one of the most popular islands for tourists for a very long time.

So, buy a ticket, book a room and dive into a world of endless opportunities!

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