Rainy Season In Punto Cana: Monsoon Months

This is a tiny resort town that looks and feels great all-year-round. It’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and the calm, serene waves will mesmerize you every single time. The beaches over there are priceless, and you can swim and get a tan whenever you want. May-October is the rainy season in Punto Cana; it’s pretty challenging.

As for the late August-early September period, it’s something of a disaster. Get ready to experience heavy downpours, severe winds that turn into hurricanes, and many other frustrating things.

Nasty Winds And Sunny Mornings

The locals don’t really love the monsoon season; the tourists simply hate it. We don’t usually spend our time, money and energy on a trip that will turn into a disappointment, right? Now, to be fair, if you skip this period, the rest of the rainy season in Punto Cana will be more than OK.
Rainy Season In Punto Cana Monsoon Months
It usually rains only at night, and it’s always sunny in the morning. So, if you love hanging around on the beaches, go for it! Swimming and surfing feel especially great during the wet months.

Finding Joy In The Rainy Season In Punto Cana

True, the high humidity levels are not that easy to get used to, but if you give it time, your body will adjust to it. Punto Cana is, without a doubt, a tropical heaven; yet, you’ll have to learn your way around its climate. September is the most “hurricane-friendly” month – it would be best to avoid it. But they’re not that frequent and happen only once a couple of years.

Summing up, it’s safe to say that the rainy season in Punto Cana is more than suitable for the tourists. If the windy weather and heaps of precipitation aren’t that big of a problem for you, the trip will be just fine.

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