Rainy Season In Puerto Rico: Monsoon Months

The name of the island alone sounds warm, sunny, and beautiful, doesn’t it? The island is famous for the hot and humid climate with an average year-round temperature of 24-26 degrees Celsius. The rainy season in Puerto Rico starts in May and ends in late October, with August being the wettest month of the year.

When monsoon comes to this country, you won’t get any extreme highs and lows in terms of the precipitation levels.

Different Areas, Different Patterns

It rains every single month, but that won’t prevent you from having fun on your trip. The southern parts of Puerto Rico boast an annual average of 900 mm. The northern coast receives about 1500-1600 mm. As for the mountainous areas, prepare yourself for 3000-4000 mm of rainfall annually.
Rainy Season In Puerto Rico Monsoon Months
Yes, the rainy season in Puerto Rico is very diverse and unpredictable. Oh, and beware of the hurricanes that hit the island in the Aug-Nov period. So, what is the best time to visit? Just pick a month between November and May and you’ll be fine.

The Pros And Cons Of The Rainy Season In Puerto Rico

When we spend our time, energy and hard-earned cash on a trip to an exotic place, we want to enjoy it fully. Nobody wants to think about anything else but chilling on the beach with a book/tablet in your hands.

If that’s the case with you, go wit the Nov-May period and have fun. But if you’re an adventurer at heart, then the rainy season in Puerto Rico might be best for you. Why?

Well, you do know that the rates on the accommodations and the flights reach their minimum during the monsoon months, right? Yep, that’s true. So, without further ado, pick a date and stick with it!

Read about rainy season in the Caribbean and be prepared to your next travel!

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