Rainy Season In Phuket: Monsoon Months

Phuket is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth, and countless tourists visit this Paradise every year. Today we’ll talk about the rainy season in Phuket and why you should take a trip there when the wet season kicks in (for Thailand weather in general look this, please).

Now, the dry months are favored by the majority of Western folks, but the low season can still boast an awesome weather while being a lot less crowded and more affordable. For example, when the so-called “discount wars” start, you’ll be able to score a sweet hotel room (luxury accommodation, that is) at less than half the original price.

The Benefits Of The Rainy Season In Phuket

Alright, so, the low season starts in May, and while the temperature remains pretty much the same (warm and even hot), humidity rises dramatically, and that leads to one of the “rainiest” months of the entire year.
The Rainy Season In Phuket Monsoon By MonthsAt the same time, you’ll get more than enough sunshine to get that tan (6hrs a day on average), especially in the first half of the month. The slow season is famous for a huge reduction in visitor numbers, but if you decide to take a trip to Phuket in May, you’ll be pleased by the cheap packages that come with a 50% drop in hotel prices. Besides, the beaches and the streets will be less crowded, making you feel like you’re all alone.

Low Prices, Better Service, More Serenity

The bars and the restaurants are still open during the night, which means fun is guaranteed. The weather is warm, and the rain is not too “buggy”. As for scuba diving and surfing, you’ll probably have to take a rain check. In terms of humidity and constant rain, June is a far better pick for you. The relatively dry weather and the low prices on everything make June one of the best months to visit.

The only downside is that many bars will close earlier; the good news is – the service will be better. Sea activities will still be largely unavailable, though. July and August are pretty similar, but you’ll get a little bit more rain. Apart from that, the three summer months are almost identical.

September And October in Phuket

Ok, let’s see what else the rainy season in Phuket has to offer. You thought that May was the wettest month? Nope! September is the obvious king, and that makes it a far worse pick for you.

Yet, given the fact that there will be almost no tourists, you can rest assured that the local hotel/apartment/restaurant owners will treat you like royalty. The flights are the cheapest this month, the hotels are the most affordable, and so is the food. The roads are quiet (but they can be flooded at times), and the whole place is more peaceful.

During the rainy season, Phuket is still breathtaking and warm, with sunny days “poking out” here and there. Those are the pros. The cons include an extremely hot and humid weather, tropical rainstorms and an overall “sad” atmosphere.

Finally, let’s talk about October: in comparison to September, this month is a God-sent. It’s still quite rainy, but not nearly as wet. The tourist flow and the prices are the same; so, consider experiencing the Phuket rainy season in October, dear friends. The wonderful spas, along with most of the festivals, museums and clubs will be available to you at a much lower charge. Good luck, and have fun!

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