Rainy Season In Peru: Monsoon Months

What do we know about Peru, ladies, and gentlemen? Not much, actually, but it is quite a popular country for the tourists. It comes with a diverse and sophisticated weather that varies depending on the region. The rainy season in Peru starts in December and ends in April.

Now, that’s only true for the mountainous areas and the jungle, because it hardly ever rains on the coast. Lima, for example, the capital of Peru, enjoys a year-round dry weather. And that’s why it’s considered to be a great resort town.

Picking The Best Month For A Visit

On the other hand, in Piura and Tumbes, heavy downpours are a regular thing. The January-March period is usually the wettest one, with January being the rainiest month.
Rainy Season In Peru Monsoon Months
As a general rule, try not to visit the country at the beginning of the year unless you have no other choice. June is the driest month, while September is the warmest one.

The fans of cooler temperatures will appreciate February. At the end of the day, the rainy season in Peru is very much enjoyable.

Nothing Dramatic About The Rainy Season In Peru

But that’s only true if you prepare yourself for the unpredictable weather. Thankfully, humidity levels never go beyond the 60-65% mark. Summing up, we want to say that the mountainous areas are best to visit in June-Aug.

The coast, in turn, looks and feels amazing in Dec-March. It’s not that your trip will be disastrous at any other time, of course. The rainy season in Peru is a bit frustrating and confusing at first. Still, nothing dramatic happens during this period, which can’t be said for many other tourist-friendly places.

For more information about the wet season, you can visit the main page of our website. There you will find a lot of interesting facts about monsoon in tropical and subtropical countries.

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