Rainy Season In Paraguay: Monsoon Months

This is a marvelous Central American country, a “neighbor” to Argentina and Bolivia. The world-famous river of the same name is one of its finest landmarks. It actually runs through Paraguay. AKA The Heart Of CA, this place is worth visiting 365 days a year. And what about the rainy season in Paraguay?

Rainy season in Paraguay starts in November and lasts all the way up to April. However, thanks to the moderate humidity levels of 65-70%, these months are very much enjoyable. Humidity reaches 80% during the April-June period, though.

Different Months, Different Weather

February and January are the warmest months, but they’re also quite rainy. June and July, on the other hand, are the coldest ones. The summer months are the driest and will be a great pick for a nice trip. The Dec-March period is hot and comes with an average temperature of 30-33 degrees Celsius.
Rainy Season In Paraguay Monsoon Months
Naturally, depending on the region, the climate varies, but don’t expect anything dramatic. The weather in Paraguay is pretty evened out.

Enjoying The Rainy Season In Paraguay

Now, in contrast to the most European countries and American states, the May-September period in this country is low on sun hours. The rest of the year, however, enjoys +/- 200 hours of sunlight a month. Summing up, we want to say that careful planning is the key to enjoying your trip.

The rainy season in Paraguay is just as inviting as the dry one. It all depends on your budget and taste. But, no matter what month you pick, the trip will always be memorable and exciting. Paraguay is famous for the architectural, archeological and cultural heritage.

For more info about rainy season in different countries, you can check our main article. It will help you to choose a country for travel with good weather, or weather which you consider as acceptable.

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