Rainy Season In Palawan: Monsoon Months

Also known as the Province of Palawan, this is the largest province in the Philippines. Recent archeological research proved that folks have been living there for 50K years. So, as far as the most ancient places on the planet go, this one’s right there in top 3.┬áThe rainy season in Palawan starts in June (sometimes even May) and lasts all the way up to October/November.

August and September are the wettest months of the year. February is the driest month, while May is the warmest (July is the coldest one, by the way).

High Humidity Levels And Cold Nights

Now, despite the regular downpours, the April-June period is considered to be a great time for a visit. The seas are nice and calm, while the average temperatures are comfortable for a long stay (27 degrees Celsius).
Rainy Season In Palawan Monsoon Months
Unfortunately, humidity is especially high during these months and reaches 85-90%. The nights, in turn, are a bit colder than you’d expect. So, make sure to pack your warmer clothes if you’re planning on staying for more than one day.

Considering The Rainy Season In Palawan

The rainy season in Palawan will be frustrating and disappointing for those tourists who hate humidity. But for others, it’s not even a problem. It all depends on your personal preferences. With that said, don’t ever rush your trip or let your friends talk you into something you don’t wanna do.

Take your time, learn about all the pros and cons and only then spend your money on the tickets. Jan, Feb, March, and April are generally the driest months, with March being the driest one. The rainy season in Palawan is, well, rainy, but there’s nothing extreme about it. Countless folks enjoy it every single year!

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