Rainy Season In Orlando: Monsoon Months

Orlando is one of the biggest cities in Florida, with a population of 270K people. This beautiful city is internationally-known for the amazing events/festivals/attractions that drew – wait for it – over 62 million (!) tourists in 2014! They say that you can visit this magical place just about any month of the year, because of the mild, cool weather, but what about the rainy season in Orlando?

It starts in June (sometimes in May) and lasts all the way up to September/mid-October. Thunderstorms and rainfall in the afternoon are a normal thing during these months, so, don’t forget to grab your favorite umbrella and a couple of boots.

Playing It Smart

The Aug-Oct period is famous for the onslaught of hurricanes that bring heavy rains and scary winds. A poncho is the only thing that will help you survive: you’ll be able to buy one for 10 dollars or so. Keeping dry should be your #1 priority.
The Rainy Season In Orlando Monsoon By Months
If you’re traveling with your kids, plan your family trips to WDW (Walt Disney World) according to the weather: the indoor shows/activities can be enjoyed during the wet afternoon, and you’ll still have plenty of time to have some fun with the outdoor activities. It will most definitely be worth all of your planning because the Theme Parks are breath-taking.

Dealing With Humidity During The Rainy Season In Orlando

Summers in the city are pretty warm, while the 60-75% humidity levels can be pretty annoying. It will rain in the late afternoon almost every day (that’s why it’s called the rainy season in Orlando).

In spring, the overall temperatures drop a bit, and you’ll definitely feel the cooler air, with less rain than in the previous three months. During fall, the temp. will get back up, but the rain levels will stay almost the same.

If humidity is a big turn-off for you, visit Orlando in winter, as it’s the driest time of the year. As you can see, the rainy season in Orlando is nothing to be scared of. If you plan wisely and take the essentials with you, everything will be great! And about the weather of the rest USA territories just see this.

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