Rainy Season In Oahu: Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Oahu starts in October and lasts all the way up to March. The rest of the year is relatively dry. As for the humidity levels, they’re almost high and hang around the 75-80% mark.

Oahu is the 3rd biggest island of Hawaii and is the most populous one (approximately 1 million folks live there). It has numerous attractions – the Aloha Tower and the world-famous museum of art being one of them. The average tourists really love it for the beautiful nature and the fascinating sceneries.

The Rainy Season In Oahu – Hot And Humid

On average, there are 17-18 rainy days a month on the island and that can be a big “No-no” for the fans of dry weather. The vast majority of tourists want to enjoy the sunlight and hang out on the beaches. Nobody loves the humid, wet and frustrating climate.
Rainy Season In Oahu Monsoon Months
Well, some of us do, but that’s rather an exception to the rule. On the other hand, the temperatures are always high, and the lowest registered temp is 18 degrees Celsius.  The peak, in turn, reaches 30 degrees, which is kinda exhausting when combined with the humid atmosphere.

Where To Go And What To Do

During the rainy season in Oahu, January is the worst month (the rainiest), while June is the driest one. August is the warmest time of the year. And finally, December is the coldest month. So, that should give you at least an understanding of what you can expect from the weather in Oahu.

Say, the Waikīkī Beach (one of the finest beaches on planet Earth, by the way), feels awesome in summer. The museums and aquariums, however, are just as great during the monsoon season. Make sure to know exactly what you’re expecting from your trip. Do that before buying a ticket and you’ll be alright!

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