Rainy Season In Nicaragua: Monsoon Months

As one of the biggest countries in Central America, Nicaragua is a huge magnet for tourists from all over the world, especially the US. The rainy season in Nicaragua begins in May and lasts all the way up to October, with the rest of the year being practically rain-free.

By the way, Managua, the beautiful capital, is the 3rd-largest city in CA. There are 6 million citizens living in the country, and it’s home to numerous religions, cultures, customs, and traditions. The locals speak Spanish.

Dry Vs. Wet

Yes, thanks to the tropical climate, Nicaragua comes with two distinctive seasons: the wet one and the dry one. During the dry period, the plants/bushes/trees struggle with the absence of moisture and so do the people.
Rainy Season In Nicaragua Monsoon Months
However, once the monsoon months kick in, everything turns into a lush green Paradise. The locals welcome the downpours like manna from the Heavens. As a general rule, the eastern regions are a lot wetter and more humid than the western ones.

The Benefits Of The Rainy Season In Nicaragua

Thankfully, it doesn’t rain for more than a couple of hours during the rainy season in Nicaragua. That means you’ll get lots of sunshine and a chance to check out all the landmarks. The country comes with 3 distinctive temperature zones. Up in the mountains (in the north), it’s pretty cold, while the central regions are best suited for a trip.

And finally, in the lowlands, daily temperatures hang around the 30 degrees mark and sometimes go as high as 35-38 degrees. It’s also hot during the night (20-22), so, leave those warm clothes behind and focus on getting some quality sleep.

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