Rainy Season In New York: Monsoon Months

New York, one of the greatest cities on planet Earth, looks and feels awesome any time of the year. Yes, it is pretty cold during the winters, and the summers aren’t that hot, but the charm is still there. The rainy season in New York usually starts in spring and lasts all the way up to June.

As for the wettest month, May is the champ. The great thing about the monsoon season in NY is that heavy downpours aren’t a thing around there. Besides, spring brings the sun up, giving the locals (and the tourists) up to 8 hours of sunshine.

Enjoying The Rainy Season In New York

Finally, the average humidity levels hang around the 65% mark, which means the city will be quite enjoyable. Speaking of rain, we gotta mention that the precipitation levels are pretty much even during the year. Yes, you won’t get completely dry and extremely wet periods in NY.
Rainy Season In New York Monsoon Months
It rains every single month, but you won’t ever experience flooding, ridiculous humidity and/or sky-high temperatures. Is that a good thing? Only you can answer that question! One thing is certain: the rainy season in NY is one of the most pleasant ones out there.

Picking The Best Date For A Visit

To be fair: thunderstorms do occur in the city during the summer sometimes, but they’re not that dramatic. Oh, and by the way, July is the wettest summer month. So, when is the best time to visit the busiest place on planet Earth? Winter would be a great pick, as it’s the driest season.

But, in all fairness, no matter which day of the year you choose to visit, the weather will almost always be pleasing. A quick fact: during the rainy season in New York the trees come back to life. The parks, the museums, the landmarks, the people – it’s all a part of this city’s atmosphere.

And about monsoon in the rest of the USA…

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