Rainy Season In Nepal: Monsoon Months

Nepal is a big, beautiful, diverse country, and it comes with a varying climate. The southern parts of Nepal are extremely hot during the summer and the daily temperature can rise up to 45 degrees Celsius! If you appreciate a milder and cool weather, go with the Midland areas. Now, while the flowers/trees/bushes flourish during the spring, the summer is officially the rainy season in Nepal.

Get ready to experience an uncomfortably hot and humid climate. It pours almost every single day, and the regular thunderstorms will drive you crazy.

The Best Time For A Visit

However, the greenery in the country shines through after the heavy downpours. The sceneries are breathtaking during this time of the year. Plus, the air is clean and lovely. As for the best time to visit, we’d say pick a date in the September-November period.
Rainy Season In Nepal Monsoon Months
Numerous festivals, attractions, and celebrations will welcome you in autumn. And, this is the greatest time for trekking. The tourist flow will increase dramatically compared to the rainy season in Nepal, though. So, make sure to book your flights and hotel rooms in advance.

Some Details About The Rainy Season In Nepal

Again, Nepal is famous for the diverse climate. The lowlands are hot, humid, and the mosquitoes are nasty. The Himalayas are cold (like really cold) but do receive some sunshine. Kathmandu is not a particularly wet region and receives +/- 1.3K mm of rain every year.
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During the rainy season in Nepal, it usually starts to rain late at night. That means you’ll wake up to a clean blue sky. And one last thing: in Tibet, the low season is actually the high season. That has to do with the fact that the mountains protect it from the monsoon. Funny how that work, right?

About the rainy season in the rest of the world.

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