Rainy Season In Myanmar: Monsoon Months

AKA Burma, this is a sovereign country located in Southeastern Asia. It’s bordered by Thailand, Laos, India and other world leaders in terms of tourism. With a population of 50 million people, it’s the 25th most populated place on planet Earth. The rainy season in Myanmar starts in May and lasts all the way up to October.

The country comes with a tropical monsoon climate, just like all of its neighbors. The monsoons have a big impact on its climate and shape the weather patterns.

Ridiculous Humidity During The Rainy Season In Myanmar

But, thankfully, there’s enough sunlight to enjoy your stay. Still, when it rains, it pours, and the annual amount of precipitation is above average. Hands down, the biggest downside of Myanmar is the extremely high humidity. It can be as high as 90-95% during the wet season.
Rainy Season In Myanmar Monsoon Months
On the brighter side, the average temperature hangs around the 22-27 degrees Celsius mark. So, leave your winter clothes at home. It will be warm even during the coldest nights. Overall, there are not two, but three seasons in this country.

The Warmest And The Coldest Months

The Nov-Feb period is the cold and dry one. March and April are also dry and very hot (up to 35 degrees). And finally, there’s the rainy season in Myanmar – uncomfortably wet and humid. A quick fact: August is the wettest month in any part of the country.

February and March, however, are the driest ones. It’s usually cold in July and warm in April. Use this information wisely and make sure to pick just the right date for your trip. The monsoon months are pretty challenging and have only one advantage – low prices. Will that be enough for you?

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