Rainy Season In Mumbai: Monsoon Months

Mumbai is a stunning city and a great place to visit for a week or two to relax, chill, and have some new experiences. The rainy season in Mumbai usually starts in June and stretches all the way up to September (so, that’s four months in a row).

Heavy rainfall is a regular thing in this period, and it brings the green out: the grass, the bushes, and the trees flourish, turning the city into a real beauty. At the same time, humidity rises like crazy, making you sweat 24/7. Those are the two main reasons why folks don’t like to visit Mumbai during the low season: the constant downpours and uncomfortable humidity. But how about the rest of the India?

Enough To Do During The Rainy Season In Mumbai

Other than that, the rainy season in Mumbai is OK, especially if you love to learn a little bit more about its culture. There are enough festivals and fun events in the June-September period to keep you entertained, and places like Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, and Manori Creek will welcome you with open arms.The Rainy Season In Mumbai Monsoon By Months
All you gotta do is avoid the rain and get yourself in the right mood – the city will do the rest.  Grab your friends and/or family members, buy something delicious to eat and go check out the numerous attractions!

Potholes, Bad Traffic, Low Prices

The downsides of the rainy season in Mumbai include annoying traffic jams, “tiny flooding”, and potholes (they can be pretty nasty). On the other hand, you might already know that the prices will be a lot more affordable than during the high season, and that’s a good enough reason to visit this gorgeous city in, say, June, instead of November or December (the best months to visit if you’re a fan of cool temperatures and low humidity levels).

Alright, that’s the wet season in Mumbai for you in a nutshell, dear friends. Pick a date, book a room and travel towards new memories and awesome experiences!

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