Rainy Season In Mozambique: Monsoon Months

We, the European and American folks, know very little about Mozambique, but that’s exactly what makes it exciting. This African country became independent in 1975, and today it’s quite an attractive place for a visit. In this article, we’ll focus on the rainy season in Mozambique. For more general information about monsoon in Africa read this.

We’ll also answer the popular question – when is the best time to visit? That’s actually a bit tricky, because, there isn’t a 100% right answer to that question. It all depends on your preferences, your personal taste, your goals, and what you’re expecting to see and experience in this exotic place. These days, weather patterns in Africa are not at all predictable – it has a lot to do with global warming.

The Best Months For Visiting Mozambique

Downpours in deserts and droughts during the rainy season in Mozambique are not that rare in the 21st century, and the locals are slowly, but steadily learning to live with nature’s ever-changing mood. Mozambique has a subtropical climate, and that has both its advantages and disadvantages.
Rainy Season In Mozambique: Monsoon Months
The dry season starts in April and ends in December, while the Jan-March period is when the monsoon consumes the country.

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking beaches, make sure to visit during the dry season. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes, the water can be too cold for comfort. September and November are the best months for tourists, as the weather is warm, dry and calm. Plus, you’ll get to go to all the famous landmark and tourist spots without having to deal with the rain.

Picking The Perfect Dates To Enjoy The Country

January is famous for the cyclones, especially in the southern parts of the country. So, it’s best to avoid this month, unless you have no other choice.

In February, everything is largely the same, so, again, skip it. In March, the rainy season in Mozambique loses its “touch”, especially on the beautiful coast. The temperatures are still quite high (28-32 degrees Celsius), but, thankfully, the humidity levels drop, which makes it that much more pleasant to hang around.

April, in turn, is considered to be one of the best months to visit. The rain levels drop ever more, and it’s usually sunny, the winds are light, and there’s almost no humidity. The temperature is the same (super hot). Yet, the beautiful green scenery is blood-rushing, and you can go swimming, diving, and/or surfing. In general, the Apr-Nov period is a God-sent in Mozambique and you’ll feel like you’re living in paradise.

The Pros And Cons Of The Rainy Season In Mozambique

However, November is quite an unpredictable month and is usually hot and humid, not to mention the thunderstorms are quite nasty. The water temperature is perfect, though, especially for cooling yourself down after a steaming-hot day.

December is the pre-rainy season in Mozambique if you will, and, even though tourists really love this month, it’s not perfect. It’s still hot and humid, with precipitation levels going up. On the other hand, spending the Christmas holidays in Africa does sound awesome!

Alright, that’s practically it for today. As we usually love to say, there aren’t 100% bad months in any country. It’s a matter of picking just the right ones. Jen-Feb is the worst period; yet, if you put your mind to it, you’ll still enjoy every moment you spend there. Especially if you take into consideration the all-time-low prices on the tickets and hotel rooms.

To sum up: the rainy season in Mozambique does have its challenges, but it’s also quite rewarding for an experienced tourist.

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