Rainy Season In Morocco: Monsoon Months

This country attracts the tourists with its Arabic charm and the amazing climate. The desert and the Atlantic Ocean go “hand in hand” in Morocco, turning it into a lovely place for a trip. The markets are full of exotic things, the locals are nice and kind, and the whole country looks like a fairytale. The rainy season in Morocco starts in October and lasts all the way up to April.

The African subtropical region is known for the heavy monsoons, so, you shouldn’t even be surprised. The northern parts experience heavy downpours, while the south enjoys a less dramatic weather pattern.

The Winters In Morocco Are Nice

In Sahara, it might not rain for a couple of years in a row. Yes, Morocco is a pretty diverse country, and that’s what makes it interesting for us, the tourists. If you want to visit during the rainy season in Morocco, watch out for those nasty heavy rains.
Rainy Season In Morocco Months
The summers over there are extremely hot and dry. The winters, in turn, are awesome. The daily temperatures never go beyond the 30 degrees Celsius mark, while the nights are cool and comfy. Some folks really love that kind of weather and only travel during the winter.

The Rainy Season In Morocco Is Marvelous

But, at the end of the day, the rainy season in Morocco is the best time for a life-changing journey. You can swim, surf, and relax on the beaches without having to worry about the burning sun. Furthermore, this period allows the tourists to walk around the country and learn about its history.

Sightseeing feels great when the air is clean and fresh, ladies, and gents. But nobody’s forcing you to do what your heart doesn’t desire. So, don’t ever rush your trip and pick a month/week that comes with the best weather for you.

And in the end a very useful post about African’s monsoon.

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