Rainy Season In Miami: Monsoon Months

Despite the popular belief, the May-October period is not really that great of a time to visit this city. May/June is actually when the rainy season in Miami starts, and it lasts for the better half of the year.

Summers over there is hot and humid, and the hurricane season also brings the storms along. Along with autumn, summer is the wettest time in Miami. On the bright side, though, the prices on tickets, hotel rooms and everything else drop to all-time lows. Furthermore, you’ll get awesome discounts and a lot of smiles :).

Winter Is The Best Time To Visit

Hey, if you’re not particularly afraid of the rain and/or humidity, pick a date during the rainy season in Miami and enjoy! Wait, so, when do the tourists arrive in this magnificent city of palm-trees, beaches, beautiful ladies and exotic cultures? During the winter, of course.
Rainy Season In Miami Monsoon By Months
The Dec-Feb period is awesome there. You’ll get to enjoy the sun, a very comfortable daily temperature (+/- 70 degrees) and little to no rain. Hands down, if you want the ultimate Miami experience, there isn’t a better time to visit. What about the other regions of the USA? Just look there.

Should You Travel During The Rainy Season In Miami Or Not?

However, the prices will be pretty high and you’ll have to check more than one hotel to find a decent offer. The Miami Beach is incredible in March-April; yet, as mentioned in the beginning, the monsoon season arrives in May.

As always, you’ll have to make some sacrifices if you want to enjoy your stay and still save some money. Careful planning, knowing exactly what you want and a little bit of luck will most definitely do the trick for you! The rainy season in Miami is not at all awful. But, again, you need to get your priorities straight; otherwise, you risk being disappointed with the entire trip.

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