Rainy Season In Mexico: Monsoon Months

Do you know when the rainy season in Mexico begins? You will after you read this article! It usually kicks in May (sometimes in June) and stretches all the way up to October (and, occasionally, the first half of November).

Most tourists are afraid of the monsoon experience in this country. But, even though it does present certain challenges, you’ll also find lots of advantages to it. The mighty drop in pricing is one of the prime ones.

Always Be Prepared To Rainy Season In Mexico

Generally, when the temperature starts to decline, the wind appears out of nowhere, and the clouds turn dark, that means that a thunderstorm is coming.
The Rainy Season In Mexico Monsoon By MonthsSometimes, it starts to rain out of the blue. There’s no way of predicting whether you’ll get to enjoy a sunny, warm and dry weather today or have huge buckets of rain coming down on your head. You should always remember about this when going for a walk/run or driving on the otherwise dry Mexican roads.

Getting Stuck On The Road During The Rainy Season In Mexico?

The drainage system in this country is great, but you should never fully rely on it. The rainy season in Mexico is known for the local, yet pretty nasty flooding that can (and usually does) paralyze the small towns.

It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. Even the best drains won’t be able to deal with the huge amount of water that comes down over a short period of time. If you find yourself on a highway, you’ll most certainly get stuck there for hours.

Power Cuts Vs A Comfy Temperature And Awesome Views

Frequent power cuts are another inconvenience that has to do with the rainy season in Mexico. They can last for a couple of days. The lightning can hit a transformer or the wind can bring down trees on the power lines.

However, you may take a trip to, say, the Baja Peninsula or the northern region of the country. There you will experience little to no rain/humidity. On the other hand, during the rainy season, Mexico turns into a beauty as the landscapes turn green and flourish.

The lower temperature is also a welcome change. Usually, it rains in the afternoon and the evening, and you’ll get plenty of time to visit the tourist spots.

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