Rainy Season In Melbourne: Monsoon Months

Melbourne is famous for its breathtaking architecture. It combines centuries-old buildings with brand-new designs, blood-rushing skyscrapers, and the beautiful parks/gardens. It also very well known for its exotic cultures, ancient communities, and more. As for the city’s weather, it’s kinda unreliable, but the rainy season in Melbourne is very much enjoyable. And it is very different from the majority of Australia territories.

Technically, monsoon starts in September and lasts all the way up to November, but, again, the climate here changes constantly. And you won’t actually feel that big of a difference between the dry and wet periods.

Gearing Up For The Fickle Weather

For example, in October, the average rainfall is 70-75 mm (with +/- 10 days of rainfall). In May it’s 56. Still, if you’re planning to visit the city in spring, make sure to buy an umbrella (or grab your favorite one with you).
Rainy Season In Melbourne Monsoon By Months
A raincoat, a nice pair of boots and maybe even a poncho are in order if you want to get the most out of the monsoon. The Sep-Nov period is a quite an unstable one. During that time the climate changes from a sunny Paradise to a cold, windy and rainy disaster.

Getting The Most Out Of The Rainy Season In Melbourne

Other than that, the rainy season in Melbourne is perfectly survivable and offers plenty of festivals, attractions, and celebrations. The memories that you’ll take away with you will make you come back for more, that’s for sure!

One final thing. Melbourne is one of the driest cities in the world, with about 600/650 mm of rainfall every year. With that said, you can rest assured that flooding, power cuts, and other disasters won’t happen to you during your trip. Occasional rains and average humidity levels are all you gotta worry about!

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