Rainy Season In Mauritius: Monsoon Months

This gorgeous island comes with a tropical climate, which means the rainy season in Mauritius is long and challenging. Downpours are a big part of the weather, but they only last for an hour or two.

Besides, the tourist spots near the coast are the driest ones. That means you’ll still be able to enjoy the sun and low humidity levels even during the wet season. The sea temperatures are comfortable almost 365 days a year and the thunderstorms usually pass by this island.

Packing For The Monsoon Months

So, if you’re a fan of swimming, diving, surfing and other water-related activities, now you know a great place to visit!
Rainy Season In Mauritius Monsoon Months
The rainy season in Mauritius starts in December and lasts all the way up to March. But, even during the monsoon months, it’s still hot around there during the night. And, you’ll never feel like there isn’t enough sunlight.

Don’t forget your favorite umbrella and rain-proof clothes. Without them, you’ll run into some trouble. With them, the country will turn into one big, exciting adventure.

The Challenges Of The Rainy Season In Mauritius

If you still can’t stand the rain, remember that June is a great month to visit.The temperatures drop significantly, and the tourists can breathe freely at night. The June-October period is the best time for a hassle-free trip.

That doesn’t mean the rainy season in Mauritius is awful or anything like that. It’s just that the majority of folks don’t really like to face any challenges on a trip they pay hard-earned cash for. At the same time, if you love to face the music, so to speak, consider visiting Mauritius when the monsoon takes over.

We described the wet season in many countries all over the word. If you want to know more information about monsoon in the different travel destinations you can check our main page about that.

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