Rainy Season In Maui: Monsoon Months

It’s no secret that Hawaii is a magical place. This state is famous for its lush, blood-rushing islands, and Maui is, without a doubt, one of the finest ones. It’s actually the 2nd-largest in Hawaii and has a total population of 150K people. The rainy season in Maui starts in December and lasts all the way up to February (sometimes even March).

January is the wettest month of the year; it’s also the coldest one. August is the warmest month, and June is the driest.

The Weather During The Rainy Season In Maui

Overall, summer is a great time to visit this island. It’s dry, hot, and very enjoyable. And don’t worry about humidity. It might be high during the monsoon season (up to 80%), but the May-September period comes with 65-70%.
Rainy Season In Maui Monsoon Months
The average temperatures are always high, with 17 degrees being the “lowest low”. The rainy season in Maui is relatively cooler, with temperature peaks reaching 25 degrees Celsius. The dry period boasts 30+ degrees, which is perfect for those long walks along the beach.

Sunlight Vs. Huge Discounts

So, if you love the heat and the sunshine, make sure to visit the place during one of the high season months. The greatest thing about this island is that even if you travel in, say, February, the weather will still be quite alright.

And let’s not forget about the handsome discounts and the better service. Is the rainy season in Maui challenging for the regular tourist? Not really, especially now that you know what to expect from the climate. Maui looks like Heaven on Earth – any time of the year. As a matter of fact, you can pick any Hawaiian island and rest assured that your trip will be marvelous!

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