Rainy Season In Manila: Monsoon Months

Manila is the capital of The Philippines and one of the finest places to visit in the country. As for the rainy season in Manila, it usually starts in May and lasts all the way up to October (sometimes even November).

August is the “rainiest” month of the year, with high humidity levels. Overall, the monsoon season is not as wet as, say, in Japan. The tourists will get enough sunshine (7hrs on average) and rain-free hours to walk around and learn more about the city.

As a general rule, it rains in the afternoon and in the evening, giving you plenty of time to get out of that hot hotel room and see what Manila is all about. But in the rest of the Philippines, the rainy rules can be different.

The Sun, The Beaches, And The Long Walks

Naturally, there isn’t a pattern to it, and you’ll have to listen to the forecasters to keep up with nature’s “mood”. But it doesn’t rain every single day; furthermore, it doesn’t rain all day long.
Rainy Season In Manila Monsoon By Months
If you’re traveling with your wife and little kids, the rainy season in Manila will offer you numerous activities and festivals. And you will get a lot of fun with “simple pleasures” like the beaches, the parks, and the tourist spots. The forests and jungles look especially beautiful during the wet months.

Pack Your Favorite T-Shirts For The Rainy Season In Manila

The weather in this region has a distinct characteristic: if the rainfall in the morning is heavy. The rest of the day will be shiny and rain-free. The temperature levels here are pretty high, which means you can leave your jacket and sweaters behind.

Long pants and short sleeves – that’s what you should go for. T-shirts are fine as well and make sure to spend some bucks on a comfortable pair of lightweight shoes. Ok, that’s it for the rainy season in Manila! It’s warm, sunny, relatively wet and enjoyable.

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