Rainy Season In Maldives: Monsoon Months

The Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, approximately 700 km away from Shri-Lanka. When it comes to the weather, we’ve got two seasons: the dry one and the wet one. The rainy season in Maldives starts in May and lasts all the way up to late November/early December.

The May-July period is the wettest one, even though it’s  warm and relatively sunny. Still, you’ll be better off with the winter months if you’re a fan of the beaches and the burning sunlight.

Above-Average Temperatures

If not, well, just know that the monsoon season is quite suitable for a nice romantic getaway with your girlfriend/boyfriend. The temperature in the Maldives is fascinating and hangs around the 30 degrees Celsius mark.
Rainy Season In Maldives Monsoon Months
As for the water temperatures, they’re comfortable practically 365 days a year. Now, unlike most countries we talk about here, the rainy season in Maldives is extremely popular. Folks really love the discounts and the lower-than-average rates on the tickets and the hotel rooms.

Embracing The Rainy Season In Maldives

Besides, the place looks heavenly during the monsoon months. If you’re a surfer than you should know that the water is impeccable this time of the year.

The rain itself is unpredictable and can start at any moment. On the other hand, it doesn’t usually last for too long and can go away about half an hour or so. Plus, it’s nice and warm).

The greatest thing about the rainy season in Maldives is that it won’t make your trip any less magnificent. The Dec-Apr period is the best time for the tourists, but it’s also pricey. If you’re ready to pay for the extra comfort, go ahead and do that!

So we talked about Maldives weather enough, and if you want to know about monsoon in other countries you can go to our main page.

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