Rainy Season In Malaysia: Monsoon Months

This country is famous for the exotic and delicious cuisine, the numerous architectural landmarks, and the heavenly beaches. Some folks call the rainy season in Malaysia a big downside because of the increased humidity levels.

On average, it rains 200 days a year over there, which makes heavy downpours and flooding a regular thing. So, if you still want to visit Malaysia, make sure to take your favorite rain jacket, rainproof shoes and umbrella with you. Or, you can just buy it all for cheap at the local stores. During the rainy season in Malaysia, you’ll experience some difficulties with moving around.

Different Regions, Different Climates

The central part of the country that’s home to the lush jungles will be especially frustrating. But hey – if you love the challenge and dream of memorable adventures through the climbing plants, then book a room right now. As for the regular visitors, you should know that the majority of the tourist spots will be closed during the wet season, including the world-famous national park.

On the East Coast, the rainy season in Malaysia arrives in November and lasts all the way up to February, while the North “enjoys” rains from October to April, as you can see on the picture below.
Rainy Season In Malaysia (East) Monsoon Months

It’s Always Hot And Humid During The Rainy Season In Malaysia

The eastern parts, though, look and feel great during the May-September period. The average temperatures rarely if ever drop below 25 degrees Celsius, and the rains are usually nice and warm. Furthermore, it doesn’t rain for more than a couple of hours a day and you’ll get plenty of sunshine for that tan.

The West (look at the picture below), in turn, experiences heavy rains during the Oct-Nov and the April-May period. The winter months are best for traveling to the western regions.
Rainy Season In Malaysia (West) Monsoon Months
The hot and humid air is the biggest turn-off of the rainy season in Malaysia. Other than that, it’s almost perfect. If you do not like high humidity levels, you’d better choose a country with the stronger dry season.

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