Rainy Season In Liberia: Monsoon Months

AKA the Republic of Liberia, this is a magnificent West-African country with a total population of 4.5K million people. Thanks to its location (on the coast of the continent), the climate over there is equatorial. What does that mean for the tourists? Well, first of all, the rainy season in Liberia starts in May and last all the way up to October. Second, when it rains, it usually pours.

The rest of the time you’ll get to “enjoy” the harsh winds. The lush rainforest is one of the biggest landmarks of this country.

The Rainy Season In Liberia Is Challenging

By the way, English is the official government language, while there are more than 20 native languages that the tribes carry on for generations. The average temperature in Liberia is 27 degrees Celsius, which turns it into a fine destination for a getaway trip. And 22/23 degrees is the lowest registered temperature.
Rainy Season In Liberia Monsoon Months
So, leave your warm clothes at home and pack only your shorts and T-shirts! If you can’t stand the rain but still want to visit, pick a date between July and August. The aforementioned winds are especially challenging during the Nov-March period, causing the locals a major headache.

The Winds Ruin The Fun

In that regard, the rainy season in Liberia is less dramatic, even though it is pretty wet and humid. Get ready for those torrential rains in May, ladies, and gentlemen. The clouds will cover the sky most of the time, but the daily temperatures will still be high (around 30 degrees).

November might be a good month for a visit, as the heavy downpours will stop, and you’ll still get mighty discounts. The winter, on the other hand, is the best time for rain-free traveling (watch out for those winds, though). And don’t forget your favorite scarf for the dust!

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