Rainy Season In Krabi: Monsoon Months

Krabi is one Thailand’s finest provinces, and it consists of numerous islands. It’s located on the border with another awesome resort country – Malaysia. The beauty of the beaches, the adrenaline-pumping views, and the warm Indian Ocean – that’s what it’s famous for. The rainy season in Krabi is pretty long and lasts from May all the way up to October, sometimes even early November.

You’ll still get some sunny days, but not nearly as much as during the high season, that’s for sure. If you like to know about the Thailand’s

If you like to know about the Thailand’s monsoon you can read next article. Above you can find the information about Krabi only.

The Worst Time For Visit Krabi

Thankfully, the temperatures remain quite high and hang around the 30 degrees Celsius mark (23-25 degrees at night).Hands down, June is the least attractive month: it comes with nasty winds, heavy downpours, and storms. Still, if you want to visit during the summer, pick a date between July and August – the climate will change for the better.
Rainy Season In Krabi Monsoon Months
However, September will turn your trip into a disaster again. The winds will come back, and so will the thunderstorms. This is the wettest month of the year.

Dealing With The Rainy Season In Krabi

In general, the rainy season in Krabi is not a particularly enjoyable one, as you’ll only get 12-15 sunny days a month. And when it starts to rain, the bad weather can last for a couple of days.

That will make you spend your days inside the hotel instead of going out there and having fun with your family. So, does the rainy season in Krabi have any advantages over the dry months? Yes, it does.

The biggest pro is the significant drop in prices on the tickets and the hotel rooms. Plus, there will be fewer tourists and more room for you. Does that make you want to reconsider?


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