Rainy Season In Kolkata: Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Kolkata starts in June (usually, in the middle of the month) and lasts all the way up to September. The rain patterns are hard and fast, which means you’ll experience heavy downpours that only last for 1/2hrs.

Sometimes, the season expands to mid-late October. Yep, you gotta always be prepared to face the music, so to speak. Thus, don’t forget to buy a poncho (they’re really cheap), a nice rain jacket and maybe even some rain-friendly shoes. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to travel light during the rainy season in Kolkata, though. And to bo honest, you can findĀ more rainy places in India.

Humidity Kills All The Fun

But you have to also remember that the pretty high humidity levels might ruin all the fun for you. Constant yet short bursts of rain and occasional flooding aren’t really that big of a problem. You’ll have more than enough time to go out there and leave your hot and boring hotel room behind.
Rainy Season In Kolkata Monsoon By Months
Yet, there’s nothing you can do against humidity. The only “remedy” against it are sweat towels, regular showers, and proper clothes. But the monsoon months aren’t the most humid ones, actually. During the April-May period, it reaches 90%, and that’s a big turn-off for most tourists.

Finding Joy In The Rainy Season In Kolkata

As for the rainiest month, August and July are the champs. Overall, the average annual rainfall in Kolkata is 1582 mm. True, that’s not a record-breaking number; still, most of that rain falls during the monsoon season.

On the other hand, it’s a known fact that the local business owners (that includes the restaurants, the cafes, the gift shops and the hotels) are happy to offer you handsome discounts. And, the tickets will be cheaper.

But, other than that, the rainy season in Kolkata is not really a very pleasant time to travel. Winter is the best time to visit this otherwise awesome city, by the way.

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