Rainy Season In Kerala: Monsoon Months

Kerala is, without a doubt, India’s pride and joy. This state is special for the tourists not only because of the climate, but also the great service. It’s always hot and sunny around here, and the temperature rarely if ever drops below 25 degrees Celsius. That is why it’s popular all-year-round. As for the rainy season in Kerala, it starts in May (in the middle of the month, to be exact) and lasts all the way up to October.

However, the monsoon “onslaught” doesn’t make that much of a difference and the state is still very much enjoyable.

Heavy Downpours And Magical Aromas Of India

Furthermore, the clean air will be a very welcome guest after the dusty and dry months. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that if you can’t stand high humidity levels, you gotta avoid this period. Because when it rains in Kerala, it usually pours, and the level of precipitation is pretty damn high.
Rainy Season In Kerala Monsoon Months
So, is the rainy season in Kerala worth a visit or not? It most definitely is, especially if you love the aromas that come with it and the more peaceful, serene atmosphere.

The Benefits Of The Rainy Season In Kerala

Besides, the ayurvedic procedures work best during the monsoon months. At the end of the day, if you’re a fan of a mild, dry weather, visit during the high season – Nov-May. You’ll get more sunny days but higher rates on everything. Or, you can go with the rainy season in Kerala and experience something entirely different.

The rain brings the state to life, makes it rise and shine, and you most definitely wouldn’t want to miss that. Add the significant drop in prices, and you’ll have one hell of an offer on your hands.

In the next article, you will find more interesting info about Indian’s monsoon.

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