Rainy Season In Kenya: Monsoon Months

Africa is one of the driest continents on Earth. Kenya, in turn, is a particularly hot country. Near the coast, the average temperature hangs around the 26 degrees Celsius mark, while the Western regions are a bit colder (23 degrees). But despite it all, the rainy season in Kenya is still quite annoying.

Monsoon starts in March and lasts all the way up to June, turning the country into a disaster. If you hate constant heavy downpours and high humidity levels, make sure NOT to visit during this period.

Picking The Best Month To Visit Kenya

A quick tip: if you still want to go, pick a city/settlement as far away from the shore as possible. Now, that was the first “wave” of the rainy season in Kenya. The second one stretches from October to December.
Rainy Season In Kenya Months
Thankfully, it’s much more predictable and it usually rains in the evenings. That gives the tourists enough time to walk around and admire the view in the morning and the afternoon.

July-August is the coldest period in Kenya, while the Jan-March period is the hottest one.

Is The Rainy Season In Kenya Worth It Or Not?

Yes, the climate over there is a lot different from what we’re used to. January and February are the best months for a visit, especially with your family. During that time, the beaches, the magnificent nature, and the safaris will be available to you.

And what about the cheapest months? April and May offer the best discounts and the lowest possible rates on everything. So, regardless of whether you wanna visit during the rainy season in Kenya or not, it’s always fun over there. Pick a month that suits your taste and your budget best, and see where it leads you!

Check some interesting information about rainy season in Africa. The whole continent during a monsoon.

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