Rainy Season In Kemer: Monsoon Months

Kemer is a near-perfect resort town in Turkey. It’s one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations – has been for decades. The summers there are long and incredibly hot, while the winters are short and quite alright. The rainy season in Kemer usually starts in November and ends in March. But, sometimes, it only kicks in December and ends in February. It depends on the year.

In November, the temperatures drop significantly during the night and reach 9 degrees Celsius. That’s pretty cold, in case you were wondering; make sure to grab some warm clothes.

The Days Are Still Sunny During The Wet Season

As for the seas temperatures, they’re still quite comfy (21 degrees on average). If you’re a fan of surfing and/or diving, this month is perfect for that. Rainfall increases dramatically in November, reaching 110-120mm. Still, you’ll get about 7-8 hours of sunshine.
Rainy Season In Kemer Monsoon Months
In Dec-Feb, the daily temperatures drop to 14 degrees, and the water gets too cold for swimming. That’s the first downside of the rainy season in Kemer. That is if you can’t imagine a trip to a foreign country without enjoying the hot water.

The Challenges And The Advantages Of The Rainy Season In Kemer

Winter is the rainiest period in this town, and you need to be prepared for regular and heavy downpours. December and January are the wettest months, with 12 to 13 wet days on average. Don’t worry; the sun will shine in winter for about 6-7 hours a day, which is plenty.

And while the climate is considerably worse during the rainy season in Kemer, you’ll see fewer tourists and experience a much more relaxed, serene atmosphere. Looking for an exciting trip with your loved one? The monsoon season might be just the right pick for you!

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