Rainy Season In Kauai: Monsoon Months

This is the most ancient island in Hawaii¬†and the 4th largest in the state. With only ~70K residents, it’s a beautiful place for a nice romantic trip. The rainy season in Kauai doesn’t have a fixed pattern, but it usually starts in October and ends in March. The greatest thing about it – it doesn’t pour for long.

Even if you find yourself in the middle of the road when it starts to rain, it will be shiny a few blocks ahead. January is the wettest time of the year and should be avoided unless you love it. June, in turn, is super dry and sunny.

The Driest Place On The Island

Now, regardless of the season/period, this splendid island is always welcoming. The locals are very nice and helpful, while the climate is comfortable and relaxing. It’s safe to say that the weather is “evened out” throughout the year and comes without any sudden peaks.
Rainy Season In Kauai Monsoon Months
That doesn’t mean you won’t have to learn more about it and pick just the right month for a visit, though. As a general rule, the Southern Shore is the driest place (even during the rainy season in Kauai). It’s ideal for the fans of sunlight.

The Benefits Of The Rainy Season In Kauai

But if you love the cool and fresh air after the rain, the North/East Shores will be a better choice for you. The locals call it the “Garden Isle”, and that’s actually the best description for Kauai. It’s green, lush and breathtaking. True, it’s also quite humid and wet, but the beautiful views will compensate that.

Oh, and let’s not forget the magnificent rainbows! Waimea is the driest place on the island; unfortunately, it’s kinda short on accommodations. Poipu will be a far better pick. On the other hand, Hanalei is the wettest location. However, even with the frustrating weather, the rainy season in Kauai is worth your while.

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