Rainy Season In Israel: Monsoon Months

Israel is a pretty straightforward country when it comes to the weather. You’ve got the summer season and the winter season. Spring only lasts for a week or two. Fall, in turn, is not really in stores for this country, as the summer simply flows into the winter. The rainy season in Israel starts as early as November and stretches all the way to April.

Now, in contrast to pretty much every other nation on planet Earth, the locals don’t mind the monsoon. Actually, scratch that: they welcome the first drops of rain with open arms, as they’re quite dependent on the wet season.

Welcoming The Rain Instead Of Grumbling About It

They don’t usually get snow out here, and kids always run into the fields to play whenever that “magical white” hits the ground. The thing is – it rarely if ever gets cold enough for the water to turn into snow.
Rainy Season In Israel Monsoon By Months
Even the grown-ups join the celebration and start to dance when the rainy season in Israel starts. By the way, the same is true for India (at least some Indian cities). That’s because it doesn’t always rain enough, which means the country has to struggle with keeping the water reserves full.

The Beauty Of The Rainy Season In Israel

On the bright side, you’ll get plenty of sunny (and warm) days during winter. But that doesn’t mean that the rainy season in Israel isn’t challenging. Make sure to buy solid boots, a jacket, and a raincoat (preferably one that comes with a hood).

Umbrellas aren’t that popular around here, as the wind is very well capable of snatching them from your hands. Jan-Feb is the coldest period in Israel. If mild temperatures are your favorites and humidity isn’t a problem for you, visit Israel early in winter.

The tourist flow will be weak, the tickets and hotels will be cheaper, and you’ll get the whole country to yourself :). Watch out for that nasty wind, though! More about monsoon in general.

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